How to get a free ssl certificate for wordpress website

How to get a free SSL certificate for WordPress website

How to get a free SSL certificate for WordPress website

Hi Friends how are you all? I'm talking from a web tutorial school. In the last video, we saw how to buy a domain and hosting for free, then installed a WordPress site that connects to domain and hosting

Today we will discuss SSL certificates. In today's tutorial video, we will see how to connect to a website with an SSL certificate for free.

Hopefully, you will learn about SSL certificates and continue to learn through practice.

SSL means for Secure Sockets Layer. it also called a Digital Certificate. It's a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server.

It is utilized by millions1 of online businesses and individuals to decrease the risk of sensitive information credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, emails, etc. from being stolen or tampered with by hackers.

If you sell products or services on your website and accept credit cards online, you need an SSL Certificate for website security.

However, SSL certificates are important for trusting your website to everyone.

Cloudflare Free SSL Site

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So, guys, this was my video about today's SSL certificate. Hopefully, you have learned something from the video.

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